Starpal was formed in 1998 as a trading house and converted to a Private Limited Company in Jan 2005.

Starpal is committed to provide effective Collection services: Destruction Services, Waste Disposal, Recycling Services, Precious Metal Recovery, Inspection Services, Sorting Services, Packing and Repacking Services to our customers and suppliers.
Starpal Pte Ltd Destruction Services
Let Starpal take care of your waste management
Starpal provides Destruction Services
Your items will be destroyed beyond recognition
Our services are highly secured and professional
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Starpal Pte Ltd Collection of Waste and Used Materials
Company Recycling Collection
School Recycling Collection
Community Recycling Collection
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Starpal Provide Waste & Use Material Collection
Starpal Pte Ltd Used Products and Office Collection
Starpal also collects used office equipment and furniture, Machinery, IT Equipment, Carton boxes, Cans, used paper, plastic bag, Clothing etc

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Starpal Pte Ltd Waste Disposal Services
Starpal Provides Waste Disposal Services for
Relocation of Factory/Warehouse/Office
Electronic Waste Disposal
Contract Waste Disposal
Ad-hoc Waste Disposal
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Starpal Pte Ltd Precious Metal Recovery
starpal helps to recover are gold, platinum and ruthenium
Starpal Pte Ltd Inspection Services
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Starpal provides inspection and sorting for before and after manufacturing products
Starpal staffs
"Starpal Provides Sorting Services for your production needs"
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Starpal Pte Ltd Sorting Services
Starpal Pte Ltd Packing and Repacking Services
Starpal provide packing and repacking services for your production needs
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Starpal Pte Ltd Packing Materials
Starpal Packing Material Pictures
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starpal partners with our customers to achieve the highest standard service possible
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Starpal Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
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